Who's the King of the Castle?

House Rules

Leaning Out

If a unit has to lean out of a window, or over a ledge in order to obtain line-of-sight, then it may do so as a part of its free pivot. The unit is in a more precarious position as a result of this leaning, and will be required to take an initiative test to avoid falling, should it be hit in combat or by ranged attack while it is leaning out.

Indirect Experience

Units falling, drowning or otherwise taking damage that puts them out of action are deemed to have been put out of action by the unit that caused the wound that resulted in a roll on the serious injury chart. Therefore, if a unit is put out of action indirectly, the experience is accrued by the unit responsible for the damage.

Armour Changes

Toughened Leathers 6+ Light Armour 5+ Heavy Armour, Ithilmar 4+ Gromril, Chaos 3+ The objective is to improve the value of armour across the board (with the exception of toughened leathers), so if there is a unit that may not use armour, but has an inherent armour save (ie. Kroxigor), then give that unit a bonus of one to its regular save. The +1 modifier shall accrue directly to a unit that inherently has an armour save even if it does not wear additional armour. However, any armour that the unit does wear will only provide protection in the amount indicated in the main rulebook. (i.e. Skink = 5+, Kroxigor = 3+)

Movement Changes

There is a change in the restriction on running when within 8" of any enemy model. Whereas before, a unit could only move, now running is permitted. The caveat is that running can now be intercepted.

Henchman Equipment

Any unit in the warband may carry one piece of equipment not listed on its equipment list. This does not include weapons or armour. This rule also applies to hired swords and dramatis personae, although once any equipment is given to them, they will never return it.


A unit may climb in its turn even if it does not start at the base of the terrain that it is climbing. It is restricted to simple movement; no running.


A unit may shoot through the base of its ally even
if the ally is engaged in combat. The melee ounts as cover if shooting into or past it. Should the shooter roll a one on its to-hit roll, it is deemed to have shot its ally.

Rabbit's Foot

This equipment has been modified. Rarity roll: 9, Cost: 20, Provides one re-roll during the game, including out-of-action, searching, and shopping. Should the re-roll be used during an out-of-action check, the Rabbit's Foot is burned up.

Lucky Charm

This equipment has been modified. Rarity: 8, Cost: 10. Provides a complete save versus any single attack against its bearer. Can be used after every other means of defense is exhausted. It is burned up after the single use.

Pit Fighter Skill

The warrior has learned how to fight in enclosed spaces from his time in the dangerous fighting pits of the Empire. He is an expert in confined areas and adds +1 to his WS and +1 A if he is fighting within 1" of any two ruined walls in Mordheim.

Multiplayer Combat

Multiplayer combat is geared to allow the defending player a bit more flexibility in choosing targets, but requires that the defending player choose from upright models before downed models, regardless of who's turn it is. This prevents an entire warband with downed models from being eliminated, as the defending model must choose upright models from the other warband(s) that are in base before attacking the downed models. See Illustration:

Carnival of Chaos

Alteration to Nurgle's Rot. Nurgle's rot will function as per Random Events in the Annual.
Pestilence Spell: will function on a 6" radius rather than a 12" radius.

Disallowed Warbands

Warbands that are subsequently revised and published in a Town Cryer or on the Specialist Games website will be treated as the most current version. In all cases the most recent version of the warband will be accepted, and previous warbands will be disallowed. Examples include Beastmen Raiders vs Revised Beastmen raiders, Amazons, and Pit Fighters.

Unstoppable Charge

In addition to +1 WS when charging, the model using this skill may not be intercepted in its charge by any other model.

Dual Wield

Weapons weilded in the off hand suffer a -1 penalty to hit.

Short Range Rifle Fire

Handguns and Hunting Rifles fired at short range enjoys a +1 strength modifier on succsessful hits.

Extended Reload

Prepared Shot and Hunter Skill have been removed from the game.


Spear cost is reduced to 5 gc.


The warrior is adept at firing rapidly. When using a crossbow or bow (but not a crossbow pistol), the warrior may fire an additional shot with whichever missile weapon he was using in the shooting phase.


Weilders of parrying weapos and shields may parry on a roll of 6. Master of Blades skill allows a parry on a roll of 5 or 6, in addition to allowing re-rolls and 2 parry attempts.

Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs may only be used once per game.

Ladder Fighting

A unit may charge a unit up or down a ladder even if it has no place to put its base. It will be determined to be in a precarious position and the following rules apply. The charger may not use one offhand weapon (this arm is being used for balance/holding onto a ladder). This will preclude two-handed weaponeers in most cases.He may still use a shield bonus. All attacks by the charger are at -1 to hit. Both units can be targeted in ranged combat as if they are not in melee (unless they are engaged in melee with another model with which they are in base). If the charger is knocked down/stunned, he will automatically fall and take appropriate damage. If the chargee is knocked down/stunned, he is assumed to be pulled from his position by the charger and will fall, taking appropriate damage. The charging model will assume the chargee's position at the end of that shooting phase. Only one above unit may be engaged with a ladder-charger at a time.

Unstoppable Charge

Units with this skill may not be intercepted when charging.

Rout Tests

A warband must make a rout test when:

  • Leader Falls
  • 1/2 Warband is OOA*
  • 3/4 Warband is OOA*
    * See Orc special rules for determining warband numbers for rout checks.


Slings hit at Shooter Strength -1.

Ithilmar Armour

Ithilmar is classed as light armour.

Hired Swords and Dramatis Personae

Hiring cost is equal to x2 the unit warband rating, round up to the next 5gp. Upkeep is equal to the unit warband rating, round up to the next 5gp. An allowed hiring list will be prepared shortly. A DP that is lost while fighting for a warband is not actually dead, however they will never fight for that particular warband again.


A unit may be resurrected. The cost is equal to the unit's hiring cost, plus 3gp per acquired xp. The unit will be returned to the warband completely healed (all negative effects are removed). All equipment is lost. There is no time limit within which the resurrection must be completed.


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